Doors now open!

An extension of the Bungalow Hotel, Bungalounge serves as the new front door to Pier Village. This 1,500+ SF venue is a flexible space for everything from coffee to co-working, from happy hour to birthday parties.

The space was designed by local designer, artist, and blogger Nicole Cohen, and features a large-scale mural by Lena Hawkins.

Bungalounge also serves as a new art gallery space intended to elevate the local art community. Every 2-3 months, we will install a new art show on our walls exclusively featuring local artists. This first show will be curated by the Working Artist, and will also feature a sculpture by Zevi G. The second show will be curated by West End Arts.

The space is available for corporate events.
For all inquiries, please contact Julian Payne, General Manager.